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The designer wasted no time in executing elegant and timeless collections for William & Son, starting with the Bruton Day Bag – a ladylike, flapover style which subtly alludes to the brand logo via its W pinch-lock fastening. The bag can be customised by switching the colourway of the lock; some customers choose to order an additional tonal closure, which Sarah will have made and then seamlessly switch over in-store. Timeless elegance: the Bruton Day Bag was Sarah Larn's first design at William & Son But she also works across highly bespoke projects, and is currently creating a full-blown luggage collection in exotic skins to cater to the exact requirements of a customer. “These projects are really exciting” enthuses Sarah, “because you’re talking directly to the client about exactly how they’re going to use a product and what they want from it.” Sarah approaches all her briefs – be it men’s or women’s ranges – from the same standpoint. “For me, form follows function – always. I don’t think it looks very tasteful when you get lots of decorative pieces or locks or logos adorning a bag. If there’s something beautiful that actually has a function then to me that’s quality.” This approach to “doing things properly”, is, in Sarah’s view, “a very British concept”. She explains: “The idea of not having things that are fussy and designing something that’s well-made feeds into the idea that you are buying something that’s going to last a very long time.” Function over form: Larn believes that a bag's practicality comes first Sarah is also very mindful of the person she is designing for. “I believe that the William & Son woman likes discretion and that she wants to carry something that she wouldn’t be defined by, so that dictates something that is กระเป๋าเป้ ผู้ชาย ราคาถูก 100 subtle in its design and form.” After that, her starting point is the selection of materials.

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Ikea is trolling Balenciaga with new Frakta bag ad | Revelist

Ikea's iconic blue Frakta bag is celebrating its 30th birthday, so there's no better opportunity to remind a certain brand (*cough, cough* Balenciaga) that it was here FIRST. Yes, it's crinkly. Yes, it's cheap. Yes, it can withstand a thousand trips to the grocery store — but that's why the world has carried this $.99 bag for generations. And if Ikea's latest ad is any indication, the Frakta only gets better with age.  In the video, the bag takes a journey across the world. The video follows the bag as it travels from a family's small kitchen to a basketball court to a beach. It even transforms into a cute jacket for a small puppy. Note to other brands: Having a dog in your ads is always a win. ALWAYS. “Why should functionality and quality be a privilege for the few, when we can do something about it?” the video inquires.

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